A reliable partner engaged in continuous development

We want to help retailers serve consumers as well as possible.

Our consumer business aims to develop, manufacture and market reliable products for consumers. We develop and produce most of our products by ourselves,safely and responsibly, taking caring for the environment and people. Based on our experience as over 100 year-old company we are familiar with local conditions and standards in the Nordic region. Our wide selection includes consumer products for washing up, household cleaning, laundry and personal hygiene under many different brands.

We want to help retailers serve their consumers as well as possible. Ensuring a high-quality, unbroken supply chain enables 100% availability of our products on shop shelves. We also want to develop products and services in cooperation with retail, to ensure that the best possible account is taken of consumers.

Thanks to our in-house product development, we are able to react quickly to customer needs, changes in legislation and technological development. Own production minimises the environmental impact of operations and enhances security of supply. Most of our consumer products are made at our own production plants in Finland and Denmark.

Responsible choices throughout a product’s life cycle

Consideration of the environment, safety and people is a natural part of our everyday activities. We care for the environment and safety throughout the product life cycle, from product development and raw materials to packaging choices, production, distribution, use and the disposal of packaging and product residues. We minimise our ecological footprint by keeping production close to our customers, and carefully selecting our raw and packaging materials.